3 Tips for Aligning Your Mind to Victory

Look back to move forward with choices that lead you into a health success addiction.

After you’ve begun a new year and have resolved to start a resolution, please consider how big or actually small the changes need to be for it to be a complete success.

Problems can also begin the first of the year without a clear vision of what your accomplishment will look like.  I would like to point out the “look like” term and provide my insight as too setting the goal to far out or too large for just one year.  The end vision should be clear, but so should the quarterly success markers which are necessary for the results to come at the end of the year.

My frustration came around every fall when I was in high school because I still was not capable of the running speed or strength needed to play football or any kind of sports.  I was seeing that my future vision of playing sports in college was not going to happen if I did not take action in the winter, spring, and summer as my time to improve.  I knew the next fall would come and I had three various pictures I could be seeing:

1.  Be better next fall
2.  Be the same next fall
3.  Be worse next fall

I did NOT want to give in to seeing and remembering that last fall I was not successful with participating in sports.  So I set a new quarterly action plan into motion and pushed forward.  After doing this year after year I knew that it was a matter of time until I overtook the setback of my car accident causing two broken legs.  My experience of completing my health degree as a full time athlete was not simple and was very time consuming.

You have this decision right now!

Take the success you have accomplished in some area of your life and break it down into steps.  Write it out and review it because this is how I believe New Year’s resolutions should begin.

If each one of us can just adhere to making sure we are another small step better than we had been this past fall and then restructure the plan again the beginning of next year.  Please DO NOT work on anything else than seeing yourself be just a bit better next fall.

First, take a look at the upcoming seasons of the year and know that last year was a template for what you will be doing this year.  Did you spend one of the three months of summer away traveling with the family?  And what does that mean you need to prepare for this summer?

Second, work on your self talk by not letting the names you call yourself actually enter your mind.  Did you ever hear yourself speak bad about yourself when you were making successful strides in another area of your life?

Third, remember a mistake or slip up is the only telling you that you are giving something new a try and you have not yet found a smooth and accurate method.  Decide now to look back at each awkward move as the only way to learn a new language.

I will do my best to support your personal vision and help you learn this new language of proper diet and exercise.  I want to be there with you as it becomes a reality and I would always like to hear from you.  Tell me how I could help you more as you build a strong healthy body for lasting personal success.

To your health, success, and peace of mind,
Miles Beccia