About Miles Beccia

The highly regarded international diet and exercise success coach, speaker, and consultant on health change models, motivation, and leadership.

Miles Beccia had a sudden halt to his teenage athletic potential in Boston at age 13 when riding his bicycle he was struck by a car.  After spending three months recovering for in the hospital from having both legs broken, he found himself frustrated as to how he would be capable of improving his strength and conditioning to continue toward his goals of playing college sports.  Well without a coach or program to guide him Miles immersed himself in books, classes, and practice to discover how the body works and how to rebuild his body.

He developed the physical conditioning necessary for success in collegiate football and track & field after mastering Olympic lifting, sports conditioning, bodybuilding, martial arts, Yoga, Pilates, and many other training systems. He especially found that without special combinations of foods to help him have lasting energy and eliminate waste quickly, he never would have had the energy to do all of these activities and ultimately have the same body today.

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