Daily Abdominal Plank To Build Your Fitness

Miles Beccia

Abdominal Plank Exercise For Any Level

Warning:  You can become very strong and fit in your abdominal from performing the body plank isometric exercise correctly.  It may give you extreme confidence as you use the proper muscle structures and alignment and also begin to reduce the number of time you have to go to see you doctor due to your improvements in health and fitness.

Begin with position you can perform hold for at least 60 seconds.  Practice this position until you can hold for 120 seconds on three consecutive days.  Then advance and begin building your endurance and strength again on the next level.



  • Ken Brown


    Good video, thanks

    • Miles


      Hi Ken,
      I am glad to hear you got some info from the video and stay tuned as I keep reviewing my specialized training for the 4 Spheres of Movement.
      To your health and success,