-Phases to Miles Beccia's Organic Fitness Matrix-

Lose The Weight First Training Course

 Does your waist measure the same or LESS than your hips?


The Miles Beccia "Theory of Digestive Continuity" demonstrates that unless you develop the strength and health of your entire gut, you will not maintain the proper internal environment for lasting health.

Lose The Weight First diet is a RECIPE of short intervals of reduced calorie healthy food using Miles Beccia's patent-pending Soluble Fiber Threshold plant based combinations. 

The menu plan provides the USDA recommended amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to ensure no lean muscle tone is lost and your body is NOT stressed during your rapid, yet controlled weight loss process.

Heart Healthy Aerobics Challenge

 Is heart strong and pulse rate SLOW?

*You should NOT begin stressful physical activities until you can maintain a low heart rate with slow, controlled breathing while performing even low to moderate exercise.

The building of a strong health body for lasting personal success starts with the delivery of oxygen to every cell of the body efficiently.  This process must be trained and coordinates 3 interwoven systems which I have redefined as the O2 Flow Triad; 1 - Heart conditioning 2 - Lung conditioning 3 - Circulatory conditioning.  With the complete alignment of all these working systems you will never hit a sticking point with which you become frustrated and feel loss of hope.

Mind Muscle Memory Success For Life

Can you perform GROSS and FINE movements with every muscle group in your body?

You body will NOT simply remember how to coordinate a movement like playing tennis or riding a bike.  Miles Beccia has established a new exercise code to realign and build body control to train your brain instead of simply stressing your body.

Miles has created a blueprint for anyone at any level of fitness to use for reclaiming their natural physical conditioning potential.  This system provide a detailed breakdown of the Body Vector Dynamics for movement from your inside out and reboots your physical structure to lose any frustrations you have held onto as you tried to get in shape for lifelong activities.