Get 6 times the weight loss benefits with low intensity aerobic exericse

Miles Beccia

How do you multiply your weight loss with easy, low intensity and meditative physical exercise?

The amount of messages that are positioned in front of us each day is very overwhelming.  In any given day we are told to eat less, exercise more, eat more to lose more, never exercise, workout until exhausted, eat no fat, and you get what I am saying.  I now know that many new topics are being uncovered daily, but here is one that has gone unchanged yet mostly overshadowed.

You can achieve lasting fat loss and incredible personal satisfaction from practicing various forms of steady low intensity, average 65-70% max. heart rate with slow breath rate, physical activities with the added benefit of setting a large distance between yourself and the illnesses which are known to be linked to inactivity.

When I was learning to figure out the right and wrong diet and exercise models of lifestyle out, the messages started expanding even more rapidly.  Well, you guessed it, when you start to become involved in a new subject all of a sudden its all you see.  This is a great thing because then you can begin to study, test, and experience success and failure.  To learn that the higher levels of conditioning needed to be performed in cycles of just long enough to adapt and become stronger, yet not too long that it causes the body to breakdown with over-training and spin backwards fast, especially if it develops into an injury.  The biggest injury of course is the mental anxiety of not being at your best, so you want to be smart about this and not go there.  You need the basics of a well tuned cardiovascular system to avoid downfalls.

Never let failure bring down your desire to achieve your end result.

As I improved the strength and conditioning of my body from having zero muscle on my legs, after a three month hospital stay from an accident that sent me hurling over the hood of a car while riding my bicycle, to a collegiate football and track & field leader with unmatched energy and strength in my legs.  There was always a thought running around in my head about how most top coaches will say that you have to outlast everyone to win.

The only part I was sure of, during the frustrating years of striving to overcome my setback, was that in sports you have to run and run for hours.  I can still remember the day which I set out to finally run for more than one hour without stopping.  I did not run fast or expect to go a specific distance, because this is a length of time that was going to set the tone for lasting longer than most I was playing against.  what a fist pump I gave to myself that afternoon!  Since those early years, I have assisted countless numbers of clients learn how to first test an easy, steady tempo with a repetitive movement, then use this to set a goal into action.

Let’s say, first you start performing aerobics on a stationary bicycle and test multiple time what rate keeps you in this lower heart rate training zone.  Next you begin to plan a course of small goals to expand your time of maintaining this movement and begin to practice until each goal is met.  At the end of your season, usually four months, you evaluate your victory and reward yourself for this achievement and set your next seasons success plan into action.

Your body will improve faster when you have a foundation of an efficient aerobic heart muscle.

Take a long look at every sport that your have to run for at least 60 minutes and see how the players are performing intervals of moving faster and then slower.  The term aerobic simply means using air or oxygen for energy to ignite and burn fat inside some of your muscles.  When you move slower and process oxygen faster to become increasingly aerobic, then you can burn a large amount of body fat if the conditions are right.  Getting the conditions right can results in a triple fat burn situation as you can see next.

Benefit Number One – Low intensity is the simple, easy way to test your endurance then set up small achievable goals that build your self-confidence, clarity of vision, and momentum toward victory.

Benefit Number Two – Easy aerobic repetitive movements leads your muscles to pick up higher amounts of fat for fuel to burn versus burning out higher amount of sugar from high intensity.  Your body gets very hungry when forced to burn out its sugar supplies which sets in motion for you to get a few larger than average portioned meals in you as quick as possible and setback your goal to lose weight or maintain what you have lost.

Benefit Number Three –  Lower stress levels of aerobics will allow you to relax and not force a fight or flight stress response which release stress hormones.

Benefit Number Four – Lower aerobic intensity allows you to think during your workout about how effectively your body is working to remove improper alignment of your joints and muscle to decrease the risk of overuse in a joint or muscle.

Benefit Number Five – Low intensity of aerobics overtime will steadily adapt your body to increase oxygen supply to all your working muscles and boost the percentage of fat you can burn each time you exercise.

Benefit Number Six – Lower repetitive aerobic exercise give you a time to focus on you and zone the world out! It is your personal time and for a specific amount of time you have just a simple goal of not pushing yourself and not allowing in your head stressful thoughts which will all be forced at you when you return.

Weight control comes from maintaining a balance of intake and output

Now we come to back to keeping your body healthy and maintaining a weight or size that is best for you.  You have the formula that nature provided within you just like all the before and after photos you see, but it is not what you have heard added up to a certain set number. but here it goes, your body at rest uses less calories and your body in motion uses more calories.  A new term referring to dynamic metabolism or resting versus active calorie burn then combined with your genetic makeup of height, weight, etc. equals a complete new set of equations for weight loss.  Your metabolism only stays dynamic when you are capable of the aerobic exercise I have described at least 3-4 times per week.

Bottom-line is you get some momentum by testing what time and type (swim, bicycle, tennis, etc) of low stress aerobic exercise you like to do season by season, which can and should change the mode of activities, and also what portion size of meals keeps your weight and fat levels healthy for you.  Make sure you remain safe, keep your medical professional informed of your positive changes, and set your vision on lasting personal health.

To your health and success,