Short Burst Fat Loss Only Strategy

Miles Beccia

Number One Fat Loss StrategyMiles Beccia

Your body has a strong mind of its own, with most of those signals coming up from your gut.  This brings in a very big challenge as to which signals are having automatic nervous system adjustments when you diet and which ones can you consciously make decisions on.  I know you may have already had a few challenging hills to climb when it comes to this relationship of body fat loss. Some of those hills have been easy and a few of the steep ones you may not have made it to the top.

I have faith that when you understand that your body is more like your supercomputer CPU and your mind is the RAM memory trying to handle all those signals to make sense of what is happening internally, along with external signals sometimes confusing the processing of situations.  I believe you will be able to climb or even move mountains when you get into a groove with proper diet habits of planning, storing, and portioning our abundant food supply to have energy for some added physical activity.   Propelling you to begin climbing mountains without hesitation with the confidence of knowing you have the resilience and capacity to make it happen again and again when needed.

I want you to learn my success strategy of short intervals of focused removal of body fat from a reduced calorie plant based diet paired with lighter physical activity for muscle preservation.  Followed by maintaining the weight loss from practicing what level your current dynamic metabolic calorie requirements are along with increased output of physical activity.  This is a fairly new term, Dynamic Metabolism, but I have been using short focused bouts of fat removal for years.  Now I created an organized system to provide you with the complete recommend amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  This provides you with an enormous advantage of how to maintain what you lost and have an abundance of energy to get the important things done in your life.

Reduced Calorie Intake Slows Your Energy Use Down and Signals Your Body to Boost Your Appetite & Store Fat When Extra Food is Available!

You have seen that diets do work for the most part to drop weight, but then why is it so difficult to maintain the weight loss for the rest of your life?  I have always demonstrated how you can not simultaneously build your body strength and endurance or stabilize your metabolism while on the necessary reduced calorie diet meal plan that is needed to remove stored fat. The only way to remove unwanted body fat reserves is to maintain a calorie deficit long enough for your systems to shift its gears to burn for energy, but not so long that it goes into rapid fat storage when you return to normal.  If you maintain a reduced calorie intake or diet for longer than a few weeks, then you body and mind respond and your metabolism slows.  You are also ready for a rebound and eat and eat some more.

Also please understand that 89% of those who lost weight, and kept it off, did it with a diet intake restriction combined with physical activity along with 10% had used diet intake restriction only. The study of weight loss done by the National Weight Control Registry shows that only 20% of those who successfully lost 10% or more of their initial starting weight keep it off longer than one year. This means that 80% are failing to maintain their weight loss.  As the numbers add up to and show this means that 99% of keeping your fat storage off your waist and hips has a diet intake restriction plan involved.

I have outlined that the major body systems are constantly sending signals back and forth to determine what to do next for survival.  When your body signals that you are not under any stress from poorly adjusted low or high blood sugars, then your signals are read to begin allowing additional body fat to be released for its main purpose.  Which is to fuel our daily physical activity like your heart beating and walking around. The body supercomputer with all its chemical reactions taking place at tremendous rates can bring about amazing changes when put into a unbalanced state to make the fat loss changes you desire.

Maintaining your body fat reduction is your main desired result. Then why has this moving target been so hard to hit?

We hear everywhere in the media and you hear from professionals telling you to exercise harder and burn lots of calories, yet 99% of weight loss is diet and nutritional intake. These fabulous diet promotions describe protein as the most effective path to lose your weight, but they do not describe how stressful it is on all your body systems to have a low level of blood sugar or even so low that your body moves into a catabolic or breakdown state to provide energy to your brain. Lastly you know the quick fix bottle of wonder powder is not going to make you look and feel great in the long run.

I have your meal plan come together in an easy, yet specialized process.  What I’ve created, you can steadily and quite easily establish a medium digestive pattern from using the two different types of dietary fiber and I have termed this digestive patterning, Digestive Continuity.  The insoluble fiber or roughage is not digested and just brushes down your intestines are it passes through.  The soluble fiber or gel forming fiber binds your meal together into a ball to force a timed release of breakdown and absorption within your digestive system resulting in more neutral blood sugar levels.

Your intake of fiber is essential for overall health of your gut, but as you read this I am sure you are already thinking about how bad you feel when your food passes too fast or very, very slow.  Please understand that this topic is something that usually is only talked about when it comes to children or older adults and now I ask you this important question, “How do you check if your meals are getting digested in a normal pattern or if you are dehydrated daily?”

The reason I am opening up my work is because I know what a tremendous change this has made for my own personal success and in all those who have followed it. I have a true passion and desire to change yours and alter the course of weight gain in our world.  For the past two decades I have been working with clients and the hard part is actually to create the body conditioning which you see improvements in balance, strength, agility, and stamina.

When you focus on losing the weight first, you will then have the ability and energy to put towards developing your physical conditioning for all the activities you really want to enjoy for years to come.  I am looking forward to showing you how to make lasting changes and get the strong healthy body you want and then you can go onward to do more of the important or fun things you want to do in your life!

To Your Health and Success,